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prom of the tall ladies

No Early Reading ... (Still clearing cars off unsure emoticon )

Was thinking about opportunities and how we talk ourselves out of them.

Yesterday, I was at the Dunkin Donuts near my job for lunch, ...
Pretty young lady in there is all smiles and already has my coffee made... There were 3 other guys and a young lady in there. They are wearing Dunkin Donuts jackets and such and from the way they are poking around I can see they are people from corporate.

I get my coffee and thank the young lady and leave to get into my car.... But before I do that something strikes me, so I head back in to tell everyone in the place how good and courteous a crew is working in there. Everyone seems nice and I'm about to leave when the young lady says to me "That was nice of you to do" I say "I just wanted you all to know that because maybe no one ever tells them that they are valuable no matter what job they are in."

I'm about to leave again but before I do I begin to tell them about our prom dress giveaway and the other things we do in the community. They stop what they are doing and gather around the pictured on my phone. I show them the smiling young , the kids with painted faces, the happiness of summer here. The tall gentleman sends me an email on the spot to contact him and the young lady tells me she has dresses to donate...

I have a lot of flaws but one of the things I like about myself is an ability to speak to ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME ABOUT ANYTHING.

It makes for grasping opportunities where others may only see a lunchtime cup of coffee...

There is no such thing as "NO" to me.
No means that I"m talking to the wrong person
or they don't understand the vision...

So, NO is nothing but another opportunity in itself...
An opportunity to put ourselves into the RIGHT company, circumstance and proximity to be blessed to in turn be a blessing...

No means... Yes...
Just somewhere else wink emoticon

Never let it stop you... and remember OPPORTUNITIES ARE EVERYWHERE... Open your mouth and let people know you are someone they need to know wink emoticon
Peace and Blessings

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